Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Juicy Honey -- Secret Entrance

Your persistence has paid off, grasshopper. You've followed my trail and will now be rewarded. Im not sure how many will pass by this way, so consider yourself one of a lucky few.

As promised, here are the uncensored cards from what has been the best pack so far in my Juicy Honey Box

My favorite part: The Engrish "Taking a Picture Day" on the front of the swimsuit card instead of "Date Taken" or something like that.

Yeah, those Japanese have different preferences from those of us on the other side of the Pacific.

Tell ya'll what...the first five people to leave an insightful comment can win one of my dupes from this box (so long as they send a SASE).


dayf said...

Is WHAT THE FUCK?!?!!?! an insightful comment? I maintain my disdain against nipples on cards, but I must admit top middle and bottom right's nipples are much nicer than Greg Louganis or the Great Khali's nipples on their A&G and Topps Heritage cards, respectively.

Plus 1:1 scale pubic hair is something I'd never quite expected to see on a trading card before.

William said...

Bizarre...they haven't made American cards like this yet for WHAT reason again? If they did, I'd have to purchase a box or two...or maybe a case.

Bay Rat North West said...

Man. I did not know they even made anything like this anymore. I remember all the early 2000's types and early 90's. Let me know where to send an S.A.S.E so I can taunt my roommate.

Stephen said...

My favorite part: The Engrish "Taking a Picture Day" on the front of the swimsuit card instead of "Date Taken" or something like that.

I'm told that in Japan, using English everywhere is a cultural thing. A friend who came back from Japan somewhat recently related to me how their fondness for foreign words isn't restricted to English: some people walk around with German curse words on their shirts.

For example, look at what's on this idol's shirt:

...yes, I know I'm a few months late.

Anonymous said...

Dude, are those real pubes? That's fuckin wrong ... But hey, at least they didn't just give you one, like Topps did with Abe Lincoln.

Paul said...

This will be way better than collecting UD's base set next year.

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