Thursday, February 10, 2005

Spring Break 2000 Secret Entrance

Spring Break 2000!!!!! Wooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Not that that's out of our system, let's take a look at some of these photos from the past. Bear in mind that this trip to Acapulco predated ubiquitous cell phone cameras. Digital photography was even in its infancy at this point. If you wanted to capture memories on film, you needed a 35mm camera (or its equivalent on another format), and you had to wait a few days to learn if you got any worthwhile shots or not. The photographs you are about to view (or, let's face it, already viewed) have been sitting in their Walgreens envelope in an undisclosed location for about 14 years.

Setting the stage, we have the pounding surf. I remember swimming out WAAAAAAAY too far one day and thanking God I got back to shore. These corn-fed girls in the distance aren't sure what to think about the world outside of the boundaries of Iowa.

Here we get out first view of some titays. If I recall correctly, there was some deal going on during a party where the person with the most beads at a predetermined time would win a free Spring Break trip the following year. Seeing as no longer exists, I'm willing to bet this was a shaky proposition at best. All club patrons received a bunch of beads upon entrance, which in turn could be exchanged for various favors throughout the night. Actually, I should mention that the trip package I was a part of had the pre-planned parties where your wristband got you in free each night of the week. Kind of OK, but also kind of wack because you tended to see the same group of people every night. I remember these chicas from our hotel, lots of shrieking in the lobby and such. My camera work is shoddy, and for that I apologize.

One of the last nights, the sponsored party was a booze cruise. No explanation necessary, other than telling you that late in the night there was a wet T-shirt contest. The ship we were on had a built-in pool which was used as the venue for this entertainment. The pool was only slightly filled with pumped-in sea water, and we all gathered around for a good, long look. Here we see the four major players in this drama, (clockwise from upper left) Shirt-Already-Off-Back-to-Camera, Pink Front Porch, American Flag Bikini, and Good Girl Aniston. I think shit is just getting kicked off here.

At this point, PFP shows that she's in it to win it, so she sets them free. More on her later. Back2Camera has her whale tail on full display, while the Good Girl is still debating how far to take things. They're out, but not exactly what you'd call free. I remember sitting next to Good Girl on the bus ride from the hotel back to the airport. She was seriously stressing out about losing her passport and not being allowed back into the U.S. I played the part of gentleman and neglected to mention I had a picture of her taking her boobs out.

Pink Front Porch is clearly going for the win here. She looks like she's rocking it out like an extra in a Guns n' Roses video, and her top has inexplicably disappeared altogether. Meanwhile, some of he strings of Old Glory have become undone, and the Good Girl has reholstered her weapons.

I opted for the single-subject capture here, with Miss USA hanging on for dear life. It might be a case of too little, too late, but we all appreciate the effort. Isn't attention fun?

In our final shot, Ms. Back-to-Camera emerges from the pool, victorious, I believe. I was narrowly defeated for the Pulitzer that year, but that's not why I choose to hone my craft.

At some point shortly after the competition's conclusion, I remember entering the pool. The rest is lost to history. All in all, a fun night.

(BTW, on Windows you need to right click in order to view the photos full-size, and on a Mac it's Control-click and choose Open Link in New Window.)