Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fantastic Comic of the Day #1

Batman #219

The inaugural issue of the "Fantastic Comic of the Day" is DC's Batman #219. I picked this up at my local comic shop for the price of $1.00. This issue is from April of 1970, and there are several reasons it came so cheap.

1. Above is an inset image taken from a section of the cover just below the title. Apparently a small child had taken it upon himself to practice his print writing on a valuable collectible. I, for one, will encourage this when I have children of my own. My sons and I will enter antique shops armed with Sharpies and we will practice our signatures, both manuscript and cursive, upon the most expensive vases and distressed furniture in the store. This will lead to a great deal of satisfaction on my part.
Apparently, the child who had done this scribbling (who is now most likely well into his forties) was unclear on Batman's gender, as the attempt to recreate the title reflects an understanding that the main character's name is "Batmam." As far as I know, Batman has not publicly disclosed his membership within the LGBTQ community. I will keep you all posted.

2. The lower left corner of this comic has been used as a toilet paper substitute. The thick coating of feces indicates use as an anal wiping device. While lenticular, embossed, or even glow-in-the-dark covers are nothing new to the comics industry, I am not aware of a Scratch-N-Sniff cover in existence, nor am I able to hide my reluctance to get any nearer this area than absolutely necessary in order to read the inner contents.

3. Peace on Earth, and Goodwill Towards Men
The secondary story in this issue has Batman participating in all manner of holiday cheer, including the above stint as an ambassador for the American Association of the Blind. I demand an action figure be made from this panel!

As it turns out, the criminal pointing the gun at Batman in the first panel later has a change of heart and tosses his gun in the trash.

I'm not sure of the worth of this issue, were it in mint-near mint condition, but I must say that I like it better this way.

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