Monday, April 16, 2007

...Show Them All the Beauty They Possess Inside

I'd like to kick off this blog with a coincidental graphic match the likes of which only the Me, Myself, and Irene dump-on-the-lawn/soft-serve-chocolate-ice-cream-being-served-softly shot can possibly touch. My girlfriend is a teacher in an inner-city Milwaukee public school, with a class list of 25-30 4-year-olds. A couple of weeks ago, she brought her camera to school to take pictures of her class. The following image is one of those pictures. Now, bear in mind that these kids are some of the poorest of the poor, have few positive (male) role models at home, and lack even the most basic social skills that same-age peers of higher socioeconomic status have most likely already mastered. But still...

Seeing this picture triggered something deep within the folds of my brain. My long-term memory retrieval coughed and spluttered and then finally spat out the following image:

Above is the cover of a mid-1990s gangsta rap album by the Gravediggaz, "6 Feet Deep." The similarities are downright eeire. The pencil/knife combo in the lower left; the kid and the rapper at the right are both wearing bandanas. I don't think these kids could have been posed better if someone had tried. I will refrain from further comment.

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