Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yount Card of the Day #1

With much fanfare today I am unveiling my "Yount Card of the Day," which might actually be more like the "Yount Card of the Week," or the "Yount Card of Whenever I Feel Like It."

#1: 1993 Pinnacle Sidelines #287

I bought this card at a show from a bucktoothed dealer, a little on the pushy side and a little too high and mighty for my tastes. My collecting had just begun its resurgence, and when the guy asked me how large my Yount collection was, after I told him he was like, "Oh, is that it?" Jerk-face. Sorry for not being the world's foremost collector of Yount memorabilia. So what if I am not the completist who collects every checklist with Yount's name on it?! I like and treasure what I have.

Anyway, I'll kick things off with this card because it has quite an air of mystery about it. Is it really Rockin' Robin out there on the motocross track? Or is it some high school dropout who uses the prize money from his usual 18th place finishes to buy Early Times and falls asleep with Jenny Jones reruns breaking the silence of his rented trailer. I'd like to think that it was the hall of famer himself, maybe hitting the track on a late October morning, ignorant of the fact that the Series will be on later that night. Maybe Tom Trebelhorn is with him. Maybe even Earnie Riles.

The back says that Robin "turns his attention to" go-carts. I'd like to use this forum to personally invite him to a few laps at Big Chief in the Dells. And later on we can ride the Ducks. I'm buying.

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