Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yount Card of the Day #2

1992 Jimmy Dean Living Legend #2

You gotta love promotional cards. Whenever I look at this one, I can almost smell the delectable waft of sizzling sausage on a Saturday morning. It takes me back to family breakfasts, who am I kidding. I've eaten Jimmy Dean sausage once, maybe twice in my life. I come from a Brown & Serve family, as they cost literally dollars less per package than the leading brand. (On a related note, I was at the Brewers-Astros game last night. The people in the row behind us commented that they could distinctly smell syrup. Sure enough, I took a sniff and the air smelled like Mrs. Buttersworth farted. I couldn't shake the odor for the next few innings. All signs point to Prince Fielder and the electric skillet he has been known to hide in his bat cubby.)

What I really love about promotional cards is the absence of logos. On this card Yount plays for Blue. I love Blue, and I can't wait until they have that three-game series with Slightly Darker Blue. Man, I hate Slightly Darker Blue...bunch of cheaters.
Honestly, when I first encountered promo cards like these back in the '80s, I had convinced myself that the photographers made Yount and others wear a plain blue hat. Even in action shots, I racked my brain trying to figure out how they got him to wear that during an actual game. I had no knowledge of airbrushing at this time, but I love that it continues to this day.

The only question that remains is, "Will Jimmy Dean release a Heritage set anytime soon?" Time will tell.

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