Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yount Card of the Day #3

1991 Upper Deck #344

Chris Bosio had something to do with this card, I just know it!
Let me set the scene. It's a dry March afternoon, the Mariners are slated for one half of a split squad outing, and Robin and Bosio had just been out until 2 a.m. exploring all of the nightlife Chandler has to offer. During the pre-game warmups, John "The Butcher" Adams approaches Yount to see how the shoulder's doing.

Yount: Pretty good.

Adams: Sounds good, I'll tell Tom to pencil you in.

Yount: Um, you know, there was this little twinge.

Adams: Well, as team trainer, I think you might want to sit this one-

Yount: G'bye.

Dan Plesac is later seen pocketing $5 that Yount gave him for keeping the motorcycle helmet he saw hidden behind Robin's batting gloves a secret.


Phil Watters said...

Let me just tell you, as a 25-year Brewers fan, your 'recollection' of the '91 Yount Upper Deck card photo session is great...but you mentioned the name of Dan Plesac. There were a few summers, whenever we'd hear Bob Ueker utter the words "and the Brewers will bring Dan Plesac into the game" my father would throw out four-letter words to this day he's never repeated. Needless to say, we never liked him. But Yount is my all-time favorite, well done.

Pine Tar said...

If you're interested, I have access to a vintage Robin Young growth chart, courtesy of the Dairy Farmer's Association. What I don't have is the highly elusive Rob Deer growth chart. However, recently, there were a pair of Rob Deer game used pants on e-bay. Maybe I should get them for my cube at work.