Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Generic Brand Soda of the Day #2

While the Mountain Holler packaging conveys a feeling of pure refreshment, this branding, which I cut from a 12-pack of Roundy's Mountain Fury, communicates an entirely different idea altogether:
"We're not even going to effing try."

On a related note, I was drinking a can of this at the workplace a while ago. A co-worker sitting at my table did a double-take, proclaiming that for a second she thought it said "Mountain Fur."
To quote Homer Simpson, "You can really taste the goat."

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Phil Watters said...

Hey Bill, my brother (Hudson, WI) passed on this link to me, thought you'd like to make a blog about it. www.peeyourpantsforthebrewers.com I've already pledged, thought you'd urge your readers to do the same. Please reference Nick Watters for the link. Thanks man.