Saturday, July 7, 2007

Pack Bust #1

2007 Topps Opening Day Baseball

I bought a Target box of 2007 Topps Opening Day baseball cards. This box contained 20 packs, six cards to a pack. About halfway through I got to a pack that had to be some type of statistical anomaly record. Before we start, however, let me get it out there that this set looks way, way better than the regular 2007 Topps. The white borders make the colors pop and add a sense of depth to the pictures. Topps needs to go with white next year for sure. Anyways, let's review.

First three cards: Mark Redman, Mark Loretta, Mark Buehrle. Let me remind you that this pack was in no way doctored. This is the actual order of the cards from top to bottom. This pull series reminded me of one of the songs from the "Rent" soundtrack, when they go to an AIDS support group meeting: "Mark... Mark... I'm MARK!" Three for three on the name Mark. Not even a Marc or Marcus to change things up. What are the odds of that? Okay, time to turn the page when you hear the chimes ring, like this...Brrrring.

Fourth card: Okay, looks like a''s...not a guy named Mark. Torii Hunter. Okay, perhaps not all of the Marks in MLB are in this pack. Way to break up the monotony, Toriiiiiiiii(ii)iii...iiii...i...i.

Fifth and sixth cards: Troy Tulowitzki and Troy Glaus. Is it statistically impossible to get two guys named Troy in a pack? Of course not.
What about two Troys after a Torii? The odds are stacked against you, but it's not an impossibility. And isn't Torii just a harisbreadth away from being Troy? Just too weird.
Finally, what about the combination above after three Marks in a row? Has this happened before? Will it happen again? With Topps' notorious poor collation, are there hundreds of thousands of packs just like this floating around out there? Should I play the lottery today (which is, after all, 7/7/07)? Are the baseball card gods messing with me? Will I pull a card of John Stockton and his pasty white thighs out of my next pack of baseball cards? The answers to these, and hundreds of other related questions, may never arrive.

Drop a comment, let me know what you think about this phenomenon.

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