Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yount Card of the Day #7

2001 Topps American Pie Woodstock #BBWM-RY

Let's talk about what has probably become my favorite Robin Yount card, at least of the post-retirement variety. I had been searching for this card for the better part of a year until I found it on this random card sales site at a price way, way, way below what I was willing to pay for it. The Topps American Pie line of cards is a great idea to begin with, and the Woodstock subset is at the pinnacle of what they offered in that set (perhaps just shy of the Kennedy/Chunk of the Berlin Wall card). This card has everything going for it:
1. Game-used bat. Probably my least favorite of the game-used options out there, but still cool.
2. Colors not usually seen on Yount cards. Man, this card is like a bowl of Trick in two-dimensional form. Never has there been so much purple on a Yount card and, unless he joins the coaching staff of the Colorado Rockies (or the Minnesota Vikings, ugh) , there never will be again. (Oops, I forgot about the Yount/Kevin Mitchell 1990 Star set with completely purple borders, seen here.)
3. Current and retro logos, both on the front of the card.

Now let's discuss the relationship between Robin and Woodstock. First question: Was he there? By my calculations, Robin would have just turned 14, so probably not. But let's imagine he did make the trip to Bethel, NY. What do you think might have happened differently?:

A. All posters and advertising would have read, "3 Days of Peace, Music, and Well-Hit Doubles."
B. A cameo with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band
C. All attendees would have remained clean and dry, as Robin summoned a grounds crew to spread out an infield tarp at the first sign of rain.
D. All of the above.

In any case, it's fun the dream about the course of history being altered. But this card also begs a pertinent question: Why did Yount, still very physically capable of playing big-league ball at a high level, retire from the game at the end of the 1993 season?

Answer: There was no way he was going to miss out on Woodstock '94. (Hint: Slow-motion video playback of MTV's coverage of the event clearly shows a man with the same moustache, build, and blue and white pinstriped pants doing some audio mixing during the Nine Inch Nails' performance.)

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