Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Great Facial Expression Contest of 2007

These two cards have found their way into my personal collection. Due to the bizarre facial expressions, a duel is in order.

2007 Topps Heritage Boone Logan #347


2007 Topps Allen & Ginter Torii Hunter #261

Let's break down the competitors:

First, there's Boone Logan. Boone's penetrating stare indicates that he's in some sort of a trance. Seconds after this picture was taken, his eyes most likely turned into alternating concentric black and white circles. Whatever master of mysticism induced the trance then had him climb the backstop net while meowing like a cat. Manager Ozzie Guillen was able to break the trance shortly before the start of 2007 spring training.

Second, we've got Torii Hunter. His portrait makes it look as if the game he was playing in was contested in three feet of water. Now, before you go and say to yourself, "That doesn't make any sense," stop to consider the strong possibility that a lobster had clamped onto Hunter's below-the-belt junk right at the apex of his follow through. This prognostication may not be too far off, since his facial expression indicates that this may be what hapened. You be the judge.

What I'm now looking for is an impartial jury to judge who the winner of this contest is. A simple "Logan" or "Hunter" in the comments will suffice, though additional insight would also be appreciated.

The winner will go on to face a very special Houston Astro from 1992 Topps for the All-Time Most Insane Baseball Card Face.


Chris Harris said...


And yes, I would like to cast a "pre-vote" for Hunter over the 1992 Topps Casey Candaele in the next round.

dayf said...

The 2007 A&G Torii Hunter is one of the greatest cards of all time. Torii all the way.

--David said...

Yeah, I gotta go with Hunter, too. Though, if you really want a face, you gotta check out the back of a 1993 Upper Deck Dennis Cook (#202)... Seriously, who wants their baseball picture to look like some deranged monkey??

Steve said...

Hunter. Maybe another possibility is a foul ball taking a nasty bounce off the plate and you know the rest