Saturday, September 15, 2007

1981 Topps Tournament -- Quarterfinal, Match 1

Now the real competition begins! It's time to kick off the quarterfinal round. All votes have been tabulated, replete with upsets, almost-votes that I couldn't officially count, and even a suden-death tiebreaker.

We have four quarterfinal matches, starting with ones that held to form. Please vote for the best-loking card. Don't ignore a visceral reaction: If you should happen to chuckle, gasp, retch, recoil, shudder, or break wind after glancing at a card, that's probably your winner. In other words, vote with your heart, not your head. Again, you may vote for the duration of the quarterfinal round. A lot is at stake here.

Here we go!

Seed #7 Ross Grimsley (#170) VS. Seed #2 Dennis Eckersley (#620)

In the first round, Grimsley snuck through via tiebreaker, based on higher seed alone. Coincidentally, the two much-maligned hairstyles find themselves face-to-face in the Round of 8. It's truly a clash of blow-dried titans, although very different techniques appear to be used by these two players. While Grimsley looks like his hair is a side-effect of a carefree lifestyle choice, Eckersley looks to have spent hours in front of the bathroom mirror with David Cassidy records playing, a TV blaring an episode of That's Incredible! in the background, and a can of Aqua Net at the ready. To boil it down, Eckersley did his hair while singing into a hairbrush, Grimsley did not. Who is more worthy of advancing? I toss the fate of these men to the wind.


Joe74mj said...

I would like to expose Ross Grimsley as the fake he is. Consult 1975 Topps card #458 and you will see well kept hair that doesn't reach the ears. I gaurantee without a shadow of a doubt that when you remove the Cleveland hat the hair will go with it! I don't know if this was some sort of mid-life crisis kind of thing or what. Plus Eck still rocks his hair like it's 1981. Go Sox!!!

Anonymous said...

Consult Grimsley's 1978 Topps #691. It's the real deal. My vote is for Grimsley.

--David said...

This is a tough one. Though at first glance, they appear to be similarly coifed, you make a valid point that Eckersley actually spent time MAKING his hair look that way. Though I am a Tribe-man, that plays no bearing in my decision this time. In this case, Eck overdid his grooming, costing him precious "PI" points. Grimsley gets my vote based on the "Magnum PI" fullness of the 'stache.

dayf said...

I saw Dennis Eckersley drinking a PiƱa Colada at Trader Vic's. His hair was PERFECT.


Bay Rat North West said...

Grimsley's hair reeks 70's. And he just looks plain scared to face greatness like the Eck.
Eck is up to date and looks ready to sweep the Yanks.

bailorg said...

There's just something about that Grimsley picture that can't be ignored.

I'm voting for Grimsley.