Wednesday, September 5, 2007

1981 Topps Tournament -- Round of 16, Match 6

Damn, this is a great matchup! It's like a real 6/11 game in the NCAA tournament, except it's more like a 3/4 game that somehow got scheduled for the first round.

Seed #6 Pete Redfern (#714)

"He's sittin' on 714..."
Alright, let me level with you all. I am a Brewers fan. Yeah, I know, not a lot to cheer about since I was, like, four, but near and dear to me. My girlfriend (fiance, now) hails from the bustling metropolis of St. Paul, Minnesota, making her, geographically, a Twins fan (though mostly converted to the Brewers, as long as they are not direct adversaries).
This arrangement allows me to converse with her, in limited fashion, about old Twins stuff. Most of it is easy, like reminiscing about '87 and '91. I must admit I was quite the Kirby fan back in the day.
Here's a direct-as-possible transcript from our conversation about this card:

Me: Hey, check out this guy.

Her: Hm?

Me: Yeah, did you know that the Twins had a guy named Pete Redfern?

Her: No.

Me: And did you know he had beautiful blue eyes?

Her: No, I didn't know that. (Insert insincere cooing here.)

Great shot, great mystified, yet forward thinking expression.


Seed #11 Britt Burns (#412)

This card was chosen because, as everyone can see, Britt is expecting. The White Sox uniforms that year came in maternity sizes. Thankfully, his ankles make no appearance on this card.


--David said...

ROTFL! Your comments are hysterical! I have to go with Redfern. Why? Because when I saw him (before I scrolled to see his name), I swear I thought I was looking at a baseball card of Gene Wilder! How scary is that??

dayf said...

As dreamy as Redfern is, I have to vote for Britt Burns. The fact that he is doing a posed 1950's style fake windup with such an air of indifference amuses me. If only he had switched throwing hands for the picture like Lew Burdette did in '59, this would be one of the greatest of all time.

Steve said...

The Redfern card is actually a correction of the real photo, where Pete's blue eyes are terribly bloodshot from hitting the reefer.

Jesse said...

Proud papa Britt!