Monday, September 10, 2007

1981 Topps Tournament -- Round of 16, Match 8

Here's your final Sweet 16 matchup. I will allow the tallies to grow for a few days before moving on to the quarterfinal matchups. Between now and then, I'll add a few surprises to this blog. Stay tuned, and keep leaving the comments. Without your votes there can be no champion. Here we go.

Seed #8 Steve Trout (#552)

I suppose everyone knew this one was coming. It has all the elements of a great card:
Aviator sunglasses?

Sweaty, matted hair pasted to forehead?

Breathable, cotton/poly jersey?

Ladies and gentlemen, the incomprable...Steve Trout.


Seed #9 Manny Sanguillen (#226)

Your first instinct was that a Topps photographer caught Manny mid-chuckle, but that would be where you went wrong. No, Manny was not laughing, he's actually doing a bit of bragging.

Bragging about what, you ask? You might think he's giving Dave Parker the business about Parker's inability to use Dento-tape, but you would be wrong again. Manny Sanguillen is bragging about girth and length. Nothing more. Don't ask how I know this, I just do.


--David said...

Normally, being that I grew up in/near the Steel City and was a kid during the late 70's wonder that was (WAS) the Pirate franchise, you'd think I would go with Manny. But, alas, you pulled the "Trout" trump card, and I know a ringer when I see one. Trout gets my vote.. Man, the next round is going to be tough!

dayf said...

WOW, this one is just not fair. How to choose between the Son of Dizzy and the incomparable Manny? Hmm. I think Steve's aviator glasses are canceled out by Manny's #35 necklace, so the Pirates' funky flattop cap logo pushes Sanguillen over the top. I vote Manny.

steve said...

trout, he's pretty intimidating to any hitter stepping into the box