Thursday, October 25, 2007


Al Hrabosky, you have won over the hearts and minds of a nation. With a sweeping 7-1 victory in the final over Ellis Valentine, you showed astonishing killer instinct . With a tough road to the finals, you easily dispatched Mike Ramsey, the forward-cap-wearing, backwards-batting-helmet-wearing SS-2B from the St. Louis Cardinals in the opening round. From there, you soundly defeated Lonnie Smith, whose chest-hair-to-facial-hair transplant just about made everyone sick. In the semifinals you encountered a different kind of hair, the unibrow of Jack Clark, and you sent him packing with a bottle of Nair and a pair of tweezers. And in the end, not even Ellis Valentine's Kafka-esque batting helmet could withstand the fury of that great moustache. Congratulations!

No tournament would be worth its salt without a little hardware, so without further delay, I'd like to present you with the 1981 Topps Tournament Medal, on this Friday, the 25th of October, in the year two thousand seven.

Although you may be known to others as the Mad Hungarian, this year's medal has been specially adorned with a moustachioed visage of more Scandinavian descent. Wear this Swedish Chef medal with pride, Mr. earned it.

I hope I will see you all here later, when I begin the 1981 Fleer Mini-Tournament, which will be limited only to one pack. The scope may not be as large, but the competition will be fierce. See you soon!


--David said...

It was a tough battle, but just as the Sox dispatched of the Tribe, good ol' Al disposed of his competition like hot wax through Clark's unibrow...

Anonymous said...

I demand a revote! Those voters in Palm Beach County all picked Buchanan!