Friday, October 26, 2007

A Card Dream...or Nightmare

This morning I awoke having remembered all of the pertinent elements of a particularly lucid dream I'd been having shortly before waking up. I'm including it here because of the strong connection it has with my collecting hobby.

Let's set the stage. I'm in a car with my fiancee. We're driving to what I know is a card show. (This is not at all uncommon, as she is often gracious enough to accompany me to such events. I, in turn, go to Michael's craft supply runs with her.) Anyways, the card show I usually go to is held in a Catholic school cafeteria known as Gonzaga Hall. The place we are approaching in my dream definitely ain't this place. The parking lot is constructed all wrong, but that's not the big tip-off. There are two people with orange construction vests holding cardboard signs that read "Parking $3.00". This doesn't happen at the real life shows. My brain must have compensated for this, because in the car we wait until the parking lot attendants are distracted and we drive past them without paying.

The next thing I know, we are entering the hall and paying the admission fee. For some reason, all of the lights are off and everyone is quiet. The auction that usually goes on at certain show intervals was taking place in my dream, but for some reason all showgoers were extremely attentive.

Upon entering the hall, I'm noticing that something is not right. The tables are in the wrong places, and there are way more cavernous twists and turns than usual.

The first place I come to has rack packs hanging up for sale. Now get ready for the best part of the dream right here. The rack packs are of the football variety, and only two of the three sections have cards in them; the third space is empty. And here's the kicker: One of the visible cards is John Elway, but he's wearing...get this...a Patriots uniform! And to top it all off, the card design is identical to 1988 Fleer baseball.



I don't know about you, but I'm sure I could manage to live very comfortably off the sale of a long-lost mistake of a 1/1 John Elway Patriots card.

My journey through the rest of the show was rather disappointing. Table after table was stocked with everything but cards. There were tables with kids painstakingly painting pewter Yu-Gi-Oh! figurines. Some tables had old books and others were just full of unidentifiable junk. The only thing I remember being of some degree of interest to me was a 1980s Marvel G.I. Joe comic, which I do collect, but, like the Elway card, I neglected to buy.

The final part of my dream was the most harrowing. After some more unsuccessful browsing, I found a small room off of the main hall that looked more promising. After walking into this room I saw a bunch of Italian tough guys. Although a little unsure, I walked around the main display case in the room. I must have crossed some invisible line because I was told by this mafioso group, "Don't come back here!" and, "Get out!" It was as if I had entered the back room of Satriale's by mistake when looking for the bathroom.

After leaving that room quickly, I found my fiancee and decided it would be best to leave the show empty-handed. By this time, the show hall had turned into a Menards (a Wisconsin-based hardware superstore, pretty much like a Home Depot, for those of you who are unfamiliar). And that ended my dream.

Anyone have any clue as to what this means?


dayf said...

It means I'm not the only crazy person who dreams about trading cards!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a particularly interesting dream scenario. Perhaps it just means that you're searching for a valuable card and you're probably prepared to go to just about any lengths to obtain one should you come across it.

If you want to look a bit more into how to lucid dream you might discover that you can actually interpret your dream as you're having it by questioning the people you meet in the dream itself...