Thursday, November 29, 2007

1981 Fleer Mini-Tournament: Final

After a long hiatus brought about by the confiscation of Johnnie LeMaster's reefer, his subsequent trial, conviction, and incarceration, the 1981 Fleer Intra-pack Mini-Tournament reaches its final match today.

Here are your competitors:
#445 Al Holland

Al reached the final by narrowly defeating Terry Forster, whose consderable weight gain gave him the advantage in the early stages of competition, but failed to provide him with the endurance necessary to stave off Al "Wooly" Holland. Al celebrated the semi-final victory by popping open a bottle of champagne, which he is still wringing from his hair and sideburns at this very moment.

#66 Denny Walling

Denny has been keeping it bright since his 4-3 victory over Johnnie LeMaster, although he has gone through seven-and-a-half bottles of Cheer detergent with DuPont ColorGuard technology. Houston-area reporters claim that Walling has not removed his jersey since the November 15 semi-final except for daily washings, during which he stands next to the dryer in his basement impatiently.

Time to crown a winner. The championship trophy has already been crafted, awaiting its rightful victor.

Also, I'm getting really excited about this December's Card-vent Calendar, which debuts two days from now. Keep checking in!


Andy said...

I just don't see anybody beating Walling. That jersey trumps all.

dayf said...

Al Holland. I was wracked with remorse for days because I voted against him and I shall not make the same mistake twice.

Kevin said...

Sticking with Al Holland, mostly because he resembles Samoa Joe so uncannily:

--David said...

I gotta go with Walling... The uni alone gives him the advantage...

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