Friday, November 16, 2007

1981 Fleer Mini-Tournament: Semifinal #2

Wow, the response to the first round of this tournament has been great! Let's keep it up!

Coincidentally, two Giants made it into this tournament, so I split them up in the same way that UEFA divides clubs from the same country in its Champions League tournament (OK, I'm a soccer fan, please don't hold it against me. I do own a Mia Hamm RC, if that helps change you opinion.)

As a Claymanimated Mills Lane said so many times in the late 1990s, "Let's get it on!"

#119 Terry Forster

The pose says it all. Terry reminds me of a southern good ol' boy, and to a greater extent, that blind DJ guy from Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? who made George Clooney sing into a can. I can't determine whether Forster's smarmy expression and pencil chew makes me think he uttered of the following phrases:
"That's some mighty fine a 'pickin' and a' singin'."
"Woo-wee, baby, why don't you bring your durlin' little self over here."

Clearly, Terry's posture indicates that he's hitting on a high school-aged female wearing a shirt with a pattern resembling that of a tablecloth. Or Steven Root.

#445 Al Holland

I hereby coin the phrase "magnetic hair." Without even the tiniest shred of doubt, Holland modeled his hairstyle after Wooly Willy, the novelty toy character whose hair consisted of iron filings and could be manipulated with a magnetic wand. It must have been confusing for his teammates, what with the way his appearance changed on a daily basis according to the whims of a seven-year-old who was just well-behaved enough to earn a dollar store toy after a visit to the dentist. I'm dying to style this man's hair. Someone with more know-how than me needs to manufacture this product.!


Andy said...

I'm going with Forster because he looks in that photo to be only 20 lbs overweight. Compare it with his 86 or 87 Topps cards where he's up to about 50 lbs overweight. By the way, he was born in the south all right--South Dakota!

Kevin said...

Wow, this one is tough. As an appreciator of all things facial-hair, though, it's Holland for me. Check out that do not screw with Al Holland.

dayf said...

That's what Terry Forster loves about these high school girls, man. He gets older, they stay the same age.

I hate like damn to go against Al and those beautiful mutton chops, but I have to vote for the fat tub of goo.

--David said...

I gotta go with Al "Wooly" Holland. Being a child of the 70s-80s, I remember well the antics of the magnetic hair guy! :-)

bailorg said...

I was about to vote for Forster until I realized that Holland bears an almost uncanny resemblance to Chester A. Arthur, except he's, you know, black.

So yeah, my vote to Holland.