Sunday, November 18, 2007

Trade Me Anything!! Trade #1

As some of the first offerings for Trade Me Anything have begun to pour in, it's time to show off the loot.

This first trade come from Kevin in Maryland.

Giving: UH 306 Paul Bako, UH 330 Brian Burres
Getting: 1993 Upper Deck #769 Dickie Thon, #782 Joe Kmak

*Bright blue jerseys. If you wear one of these to a game, you instantly boost your fan cred, but you look like a dork. Any 22-year-old can plunk down a couple of U.S. Grants for a new Mitchell and Ness throwback powder blue shirt (with a 4 or 19 on the back at that), but you have to have been around during the leanest of years to own one of these babies.

*Super action on the Kmak. I've noticed how in the mid-1990s, Manwaring managed to get some of the best action shots out there, whether on his card or someone else's.

*A man named Kirt. I don't know what to say about that, other than it looks like his parents wanted a Kristin so very badly, and when they got a look at the bodily appendage that definitely wasn't an umbilical cord, they co-opted enough of the female name to make all of the pink sleepers and jammies (same thing?) worth the money they had already spent. That is a long sentence with many ideas, especially for a Sunday night. I need to pace myself.

*It was the first time wither of these Brewer cards was put into a top-loader. It just hadn't occurred to anyone yet.

*Dickie Thon

*Having to give up one of the Brewer brotherhood. Bako spent 2002 in Milwaukee, after stints in Detroit, Houston, Florida, and Atlanta, and before Chicago (NL), Los Angeles (NL), Kansas City, and now Baltimore. This trade couldn't be more appropriate, however. If I had said, "I'll give you Bako, but all I'm taking for him is a guy just like Paul, another catcher who once played in Milwaukee, has four letters in his last name, and has the letter "K" used in a phonetically interesting manner," I don't think anyone could have stood up to the challenge.

This is turning out to be a lot of fun. If you want in on the trading, search the blog a few posts below this one for instructions. There's a lot of great 2007 Topps Updates and Highlights red letter backs left to choose from.

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Kevin said...

Glad you liked the Joe his 1994 player guide, Bill James referred to him as one of the Onomatopoeia All-Stars, along with Joe Klink and Steve Swisher.

Sorry about the Dickie Thon...I thought if you were a Brewers completist, you might want a card of a guy whose stay in Milwaukee was relatively short. Oh well, still batting .500 on this trade.