Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Trade Me Anything!! Trade #2

Today's trade comes in from Don in Arkansas. I have to say that by this, the second trade, Trade Me Anything has already begun to surpass expectations.

Giving: 2007 Topps Updates and Highlights Red Letter Back #141 Cameron Maybin
Getting: 1978 Hostess Oscar Gamble and 1987 Classic Update Ted Higuera

*There's nothing not to like about nearly any Oscar Gamble card. Sure, his hair is not up to his 1976 Topps Traded dimensions, but it's still great underneath the throwback Padres cap. Cereal and snack premiums are a particular favorite of mine (many of which will be featured in my upcoming December Card-vent Calendar). The Yount Hostess issues are some of the vintage stuff of his that I haven't been able to completely acquire yet, but I'm working on it.

*Ted Higuera's just-covering-the-tips-of-his-ears hair.

*The disturbing fact, learned on the back of Higuera's card, that he will turn 50 next year. That makes me feel old, and I'm not old. At least not as old that 50-year-old Mexican who can probably still get the heater up in the high-80s.

*The disturbingly easy Classic trivia question on the back.

Join the fun, and Trade Me Anything!

More posts will follow after the Thanksgiving holiday. Don't pig out too much on Thursday. As an alternative, eat a small amount more on a regular basis. No stomachaches that way!


Andy said...

what exactly is that background behind the card scan?

Andy said...

commenting again so i can subscribe

Thorzul said...

Some of the page backgrounds for these trades are going to be taken from different magazines. This week's theme: nature.

I just like to keep the readers from getting bored.