Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trade Me Anything!! Trade #5

Today's trade finally puts the "Anything" in Trade Me Anything. David from Georgia sent me an envelope packed with goodies, giving me a Christmas in November to tide me over until the real thing arrives. Let's check the booty.

Getting: An assortment of pirate game cards, called Pirates of the Revolution; a Burger King Packers jersey thingy; and a booster pack of Star Wars Young Jedi collectible game cards.

Giving: David was very specific about how each component of the trade was arranged. In exchange for the pirate stuff is #UH114 Pete Orr. Orr...oar...pirate ship...get it? Then there's a dirty, rotten, cheater of an ex-Cub, Sammy Sosa (UH205) traded for the hometown favorite Packers jersey. Finally, I was left to choose any card for the Star Wars pack. The nod went to #UH144 Edwin Jackson. This was my choice because it's obvious to anyone paying attention that Edwin posed for this picture on Dagobah, what with the thick fog and all. Look for his numbers to soar next season following his tutelage under Yoda.

*The Packers jersey number is that of A.J. Hawk, a solid defender.

*The variety of the items traded.

*The badass-ness of Devereaux, one of the pirates involved in the game.

*The lack of time I have to learn how to play the pirate game. It looks fun, so maybe I'll take this out during my Christmas break. Until then, my spare time will be spent playing FIFA '08 and Manhunt 2 on the Wii.

*The emphasis of the Star Wars cards on the prequels. I love, love, LOVE Star Wars, but only the original trilogy does it for me.
For anyone curious, here are the cards I pulled from the Star Wars pack. I have no idea of their value, but if anyone wants any of these, you know I'm open to trades.

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