Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trade Me Anything!! Trade #6

Today's trade is a MMPOBT (Massively Multi-Player Online Baseball Trade). Mark from North Carolina initiated this blockbuster deal that ships a bunch of old Milwaukee guys back to Milwaukee in exchange for some 2007 Topps Updates and Highlights Red Backs.

Giving: #12 Marlon Anderson, 24 Brad Hennessey, 59 Ryan Doumit, 89 Doug Mirabelli, 125 Joe Kennedy, 204 Kyle Lohse, 321 Scott Linebrink

Getting: 1989 Topps Robin Yount Coin #60, 1991 Dave Parker Button (Fun Foods?), 1975 Hostess #118 Billy Champion, 1992 Leaf Studio #195 Jaime Navarro, 1973 Topps #45 Ellie Rodriguez, 1973 Topps #176 Chuck Taylor...

...and the coup de grace, a mis-wrapped pack of 1986 Topps. I wonder what would happen if I submitted this to the ridiculous institution of pack grading. This will probably be opened on A Pack A Day in the near future.

*The best part of this trade is the action shot on the Rodriguez card. Rare by 1973 standards, this card depicts an actual County Stadium game, not some spring training circle jerk. The home plate umpires still carried large shields back then and liked to ruin the shots of Topps photographers. The outfield also correctly states that "It's Miller Time." Indeed.

*Billy Champion's collared shirt underneath his jersey during warm-ups. This trend needs to return. Prince Fielder, your fashion public awaits the first move.

*Although I'm losing a Brewer in the deal, he's not really a Brewer anymore, as he was traded to the White Sox last week.

*I already have the Yount coin, but the thought is appreciated.

*The Chuck Taylor in the trade is not the guy who invented the shoes. Too bad.

I like how the recent trades have begun to haul in a little more of the "Anything" I was hoping for. I can't wait to see what else is in store.

Oh, and it's only three days before the Card-vent Calendar premieres! Stick around for more tidings of card joy!

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