Tuesday, December 11, 2007

1981 Fleer Mini-Tournament Results

After much deliberation, a winner has finally been chosen for the 1981 Fleer Mini-Tournament. Since the voting ended in a somewhat pathetic 2-2 tie, I, as commissioner of the BCS (Baseball Card Symposium) must cast the final vote. On the basis of a tight, waterproof curl, hair most likely to evoke thoughts of topiary gardening, and a winning smile, I crown this year's winner, Al Holland.

Let's show Al what he's won:

I must thank reader and co-Pack-A-Day blogger dayf for spending what must have been an inordinate amount of time crafting the championship trophy. As an aside, shortly after showing this teriffic Photoshop job to my teaching partner, she promptly went out and purchased a bunch of miniature Wooly Willy toys as rewards for students who turned all of their homework in. sadly, none of them had the background picture of Al Holland. Congratulations Al, you'v earned it!

1 comment:

dayf said...

Photoshop, my ass! That's MSPaint!