Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Card-vent Calendar, Dec. 11

Today's post arrives early because today was declared a SNOW DAY!!! Teachers such as myself live for days like today.

December 11, 2007:
1993 Wild Card #1 Surprise Card

What this set has going for it is a cool logo, something that looks like it would fit in with the design concept of an indoor soccer team or an NFL Europe franchise. This card was found in an old binder full of football cards from the 1990s, stuff like Pro Set and really bad Pinnacle cards. Somehow, I forgot to redeem this offer, pretty out of character for a kid such as myself who loved to send in empty Topps sticker packets for stickers of my choice.

Technically, this offer isn't really expired, since there is no promotion end date given. Still, I don't think an attempt to send this in would result in much more than a "Return to Sender" sent courtesy of a third-rate Cincinnati beauty school, or perhaps a company that manufactures the little metal pieces used on the tops of dental floss containers to tear the floss.

Does anyone know what I could have gotten for turning this card in?

By the way, I hope to announce the long-overdue winner of the 1981 Fleer Mini-Tournament today, so stay posted!

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