Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Card-vent Calendar, Dec. 16

December 16, 2007: 2006 Topps Wacky Packages Series ? #4 Spite

Have you ever gotten behind on a real Advent calendar and had to work your way through like sixteen pieces of chocolate? Of course you haven't; those calendars are right at the top of the morning to-do list, sandwiched between the morning pee and the thorough cursing of your job. That's what I need to do this week, however, and hopefully the quality of the work doesn't suffer.

Appropriately enough, I opened today's Card-vent calendar door to reveal not a player, not a team, but an emotion. Here are the reasons I feel spiteful today:
1. Yesterday's trip to the Apple store resulted in a repair order that should take the better part of a week, leaving me with the fiancee's computer. It's kind of like when you would go to a friend's house, play in the snow, and have to wear a pair of his pants later on because yours were sopping wet. They did the job, but you felt strange that your junk was in an altogether new environment.

2. Fantasy football ended poorly. After fifteen weeks of riding Tom Brady to victory, every single one of my players turned in close to a season-low point total.

3. Some whack job emailed me, telling me I was making baby Jesus cry because I was selling a Wii for slightly above cost on the internet. (If there's enough interest, I can post the entire exchange on this here forum. It's entertaining to say the least.)

Optimistically, I can avoid spending the rest of the week fuming. Thursday looks pretty good as I scheduled my third grade class for a trip to the zoo, and Friday looks downright glorious: As the day before Christmas...ahem...Winter Break, you're basically expected to do fuck-all in school. There will also be pizza.

Leave a comment as to whether or not you want to read the barrage of emails from the whacko.


dayf said...

Ha! That guy looks like me right now. Christmas, I mean Winter, no, I mean Christmas, sucks.

I for one would love to see whacko e-mail dialogues.

Pricing Boy said...

I would love to read the whacko emails.