Thursday, December 20, 2007

Card-vent Calendar, Dec. 19

December 19, 2007:
1980 Topps #491 Steve Mura

For any of you who are curious, the brand of rum from the aforementioned mixed drink is Sailor Jerry. Not the highest quality, to be sure, but passable and on sale, complete with a picture of a hula girl and the tattoo artist namesake's mini-bio.

Today's card is nowhere near the complexity of the bottle of rum's design, but it is as dear to me any any others I own.

When you hear the word "babysitter," what kind of person do you picture? Eighth grade girl, right? Wrong. For a short time, I was lucky enough to be babysat by a guy named Chad Mack, probably the coolest high school kid of all time. When other kids had to put up with their babysitters' nail polish and seventeen magazines, mine brought over his baseball cards.


Being a considerable number of years older than me, he owned cards that were a variety and age that I had no knowledge of. For me, time may as well have begun in 1986 (or the year 5 A.D. -- After Donruss), because I was in possession of very little product or information before this year. Sure, my friend slipped me a 1985 Topps Milt May (who he claimed died shortly thereafter, but to my knowledge, he's still alive) and the Gary Pettis that's actually his little brother, but artifacts other than these were hard to come by. That's before I met Steve Mura.

I distinctly remember Chad's shoebox full of cards he brought over one night. There were a few old Topps sticker albums and a bunch of cards. The one double he selected was this card, the one that taught me that the hobby had a history.

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--David said...

Brings back memories of "flipping" cards... I tried to show my son, but he decided that was too boring and took a stack of duplicates in order to creat some kind of YuGiOh knock-off with baseball cards. Let me just say it ain't your Dad's APBA, thats for sure....