Sunday, December 23, 2007

Card-vent Calendar, Dec. 23

December 23, 2007:
1995 Skybox Impact #48 Herman Moore

Okay, the Packers lost to the Bears for the second time this season today, but it's alright. All of those fucking pieces of shit wearing orange and a-color-that's-not-quite-black will be tuning in to watch a real football team this January. The Bears are so pathetic, they can't even get me angry the same way the Vikings can.

That aside, I thought it was time to pay tribute to an opponent from the past worth a huge measure of respect. That team from Chicago? As Walter from The Big Lebowski to eloquently put it, "This is not a worthy adversary." Instead I'm talking about Detroit Lions wide receiver Herman Moore. Highly underrated, this was a guy who twice a year made me wish he was on my team. Sure, it would have been utopian fantasy for someone like Barry Sanders to have been on the Packers, but that was never going to happen. With Moore, though, he was just far enough under the radar that you could picture him in the green and gold. The man's hands were like magnets, yet he was rarely mentioned in the same breath as Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, Cris Carter, or even Tim Brown. Apparently four straight Pro Bowls was not enough.

This card is great because is shows him breaking away from one of the founding members of the NFL All-Douchebag Team, Terrell Buckley. Yes, Terrell Buckley, the self-proclaimed "Greatest Athlete of the Second Half of the Twentieth Century."

"Favre...deep to Moore...TOUCHDOWN!!" That's fantasy football.

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