Monday, December 24, 2007

Card-vent Calendar, Dec. 24

December 24, 2007:
1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice MVP #M36 Yancey Thigpen

At long last, all of the doors are open, the Card-vent Calendar is complete. This card celebrates another Christmas Eve miracle, one that occurred on December 24, 1995.

On this date, I was a junior in high school, working a part-time job at an independent drug store near my house. The place had probably thirty employees, all of whom were subject to the same tradition: ALL employees work on Christmas Eve. The general manager was the type of guy who didn't want to answer questions about why so-and-so got the day off when someone else couldn't, so the entire work force was present. The only problem was that there wasn't much to do. Sure, he bought us pizza each year, but the rest of the night you walked around the store trying to look busy, sneaking peeks at the clock every 39 seconds or so, agonizing over the slow march to 9 o'clock.

The year 1995 was a special Christmas Eve, however. The Packers were hosting Pittsburgh needing a win to take the NFC Central division crown. With nothing else to do, most of the male workers (plus a few of the women, too) huddled around a radio to listen to the play-by-play of Jim Irwin and Max McGee. Anyways, I'm sure everyone knows about Yancey Thigpen's last-minute sure-thing touchdown drop on 4th down that gave the Packers the division. My less-than-ideal working conditions ensured that I didn't see the play. This might have been a good thing; perhaps I avoided having a heart attack at an unusually early age.

That's my Christmas Eve story. I hope everyone gets what they want tomorrow. Force the visions of sugar plums out of your dreams to make way for images of hobby boxes, blasters, and one-of-ones.

The breakneck pace of this blog doesn't slow with the end of the Card-vent Calendar. Tomorrow I have a special visitor planned, who you'll not want to miss. Plus I'll be counting down my top 5 pulls of 2007 during the week surrounding the January first. See you then!

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