Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Card-vent Calendar, Dec. 4

December 4, 2007:
1990 Score Rising Stars #39 John Olerud

Speaking truthfully here, I purchased this card at a show back in 1990, probably for more than $2.00. To an eleven-year-old, it might as well have been a mortgage commitment. The funny this was, I distinctly remember seeing the Griffey card from this same set sitting right next to the Olerud. It must have taken me five minutes in front of an antsy dealer before I finally made my choice. Let history speak for itself.

So why did I pick the Olerud?
It can all be traced back to the very first price guide I bought, from a place called Family Sportscards (How wholesome is that?) in the spring of 1990. It wasn't a Beckett, though. All of the pages, including the cover, were newsprint, and on this particular copy, the new rookie class was being touted. Right there on the front: Eric Anthony, Todd Zeile, Ben McDonald (Sorry, Kevin, but he played for my Brewers, too.), and there, batting helmet and all, John Olerud. This man was supposed to revolutionize the game, go 4-5 on any given night while striking out 15. Didn't happen, but he was a solid, dependable player. And whatever happened to that Griffey guy?

If anyone could identify the name, maybe even direct me to a picture of that bargain-basement price guide (the "poor man's" Beckett), I would really appreciate it.

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