Monday, December 10, 2007

Card-vent Calendar, Dec. 9

A day behind again, so I'll play catch-up tonight.

December 9, 2007:
2003 Star Wars Trading Cards Game -- Chief Bast

To commemorate the 2007 Fantasy Football season, during which I lucked out enough to snag Tom Brady in the fourth round, let's do a comparison between Brady and one of Darth Vader's underlings, Chief Bast.

Brady: Name starts with letter "B"
Bast: Name starts with letter "B"
Brady: Wears a radio-equipped helmet to work
Bast: Wears a short-brimmed hat to work
Brady: Boss communicates via headset
Bast: Boss communicates via labored breathing
Brady: Went undefeated until...?
Bast: Went undefeated until Luke Skywalker
Brady: Associates with Jabar Gaffney
Bast: Associates with Jabba the Hutt
Brady: Positively ruthless
Bast: Positively ruthless

While I don't play any cards games like these, I do admire Bast's sideburn growth. Even though the saga took place in a galaxy far, far away, the 1970s still managed to influence fashion trends.


Tony Brown said...

I'm not familiar with Bast. I would have preferred the guy force choked by Vadar or Admiral Piett.

dayf said...

Awesome! I prefer the Decipher Star Wars game, but this is still a really cool card.

I also took Tom Brady in the fourth round and assuming I don't have a Mets-like collapse and go 0-for the rest of the season, I will win my long time Football league for the second time. We ponied up for the Yahoo Plus service so I'll be getting a bobblehead with my championship as well, WOOHOO!