Sunday, December 2, 2007

Trade Me Anything!! Trade #8

In the spirit of the holiday, I have joined in the practice of re-gifting. An earlier trade had netted me a wonderful Hostess Oscar Gamble card, but as they say, "If you love some(thing), set (it) free." Brandon from Indiana is the lucky recipient of this card, one that I was reluctant to let go. Now I know what it felt like to be a Twins fan on Thanksgiving. I just couldn't afford to keep Oscar, the same way Minnesota couldn't afford to keep Torii.

Giving: UH214 Alex Rodriguez Season Highlights, 1978 Hostess Oscar Gamble
Getting: 2007 Topps #40 Derek Jeter (w/Bush, Mantle), 2006 Bowman #FG3 Ryan Braun

*The Jeter card, although corny by now, got people talking about cards in 2007.

*Ryan Braun will have people talking in the years beyond. Please, please God, don't let him be another Pat Listach.

*I already have both of these cards.

*Penny sleeves were not used before placing either of these cards into their respective top-loaders, and both are a little dinged-up. People, I cannot stress it enough: Use penny sleeves. They are the jimmy-hats of the industry. Safety first, folks.

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