Sunday, January 13, 2008

Let's All Go to the Card Show!

I wasn't sure I wanted to get out to any card shows before the 2008 products hit shelves, but I decided to go with the intent of limiting myself to no more than $20 of purchasing power.

Let me preface the account of this show by stating that it's the scummier of the two ongoing shows in the Milwaukee area. Recognize, however, that this is not necessarily a bad thing, as no admission was charged. The event was held at Serb Hall, which, two nights previous, held its weekly fish fry (which might actually be billed as something like "The Biggest Fish Fry in the Midwest." I may be wrong.)

The haul:
Two Robin Yount oddball cards. The Mr. Turkey I've seen before, but eBay prices for it are way out of line. I must also admit that I've never seen the All Star Game Yount before. Apparently it was given away at the Fan Fest at Miller Park in 2002. It's got a clear photo and great pose that I've never seen on a Yount card before.

1983 Topps Rack Pack. Needless to say this will make an appearance on A Pack A Day. There were a couple others to choose from that had more impressive stars on top (especially considering I already have multiple copies of the Yount), but I took his appearance on the top as a good omen. Plus, I've always wanted the famous Rod Carew-wearing-a-sweet-headband card without ever pulling the trigger.

Well, I came in under twenty bucks, got to listen to the Colts & Bolts on the radio, and got to witness a guy in a Barry Sanders jersey get talked down on the selling price of some cards by a shrewd dealer. Too bad I forgot the camera so you all could see how depressing of a show this was, what with the several empty tables down the middle aisle, but perhaps that'll be saved for another time.

I've got lots of new stuff available for sale or trade on the sidebar, with updates coming daily. Get in on the fun!


dayf said...

That rack pack is beautiful. I love the '83 set. Cool oddballs too, Mr. Turkey makes me giggle.

Andy said...

That Yount all-star is a beautiful card....he's so fresh-faced!

White Sox Cards said...

That's a nice haul for under $20! Can't wait for the rack pack opening.

Bay Rat North West said...

May your rack pack be blessed with an abundance of Reds.

Fred Sarra said...

I love shows, I just don't love the dealers that can't get off their cell phones to even say hello to you at their table.

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