Monday, January 28, 2008

Manny Being Manny

While cataloging my cards available for sale or trade, I ran across this gem.

1992 Topps #156

Is that not the best uniform ever?! I've got to say that it rivals my grade school softball uniform. As I may have explained before, my only foray into organized baseball was in a neighborhood/school league. I was on the White Sox. While we sucked ass for the better part of two seasons, we held the undisputed title of "Best Sponsor." While other teams had their shirts paid for by the likes of Bob's Auto Repair and Schramka Funeral Home (in return for back-of-the-shirt advertising), my team was sponsored by Pepino's Pizza.

Fuck yes!

Needless to say, we had the best end-of-year party in the league. Garlic bread and all-you-can-eat lasagna beat the holy hell out of embalming fluid and brake liners.

While my uniform was not as colorful as Manny's (it was white lettering on navy), at least it had a real team name on it. I'm not entirely familiar with the Youth Service League, but this looks to me like an all-star jersey of some sort, kind of like the directional jerseys from the LLWS (Goooooo West!)

Manny's hat, however, beats my old one hands-down. All I got was a navy hat with a while S on it. His at least attempts looking like some thought was put into the design. It makes me wonder if Manny's mom has a little curio cabinet full of his mementos, and if this hat is still in it. Part of me likes to think so.

Oh, and if anyone wants this card, it's up for trade or sale. Find something from my list or make me an offer.


On Base Autos said...

That is funny. Hey I checked and I had bought a couple of packs of UD Masterpiece and I have the following if you need them.
26 Koufax
61 Bay
81 Chambliss
85 WS Mets

I am a Big Papi man if you have any of those.

Bay Rat North West said...

Thanks for rubbing it in. Reiman's Funeral Home for two years of Little League. At least we were the best.