Thursday, January 17, 2008 #1

There's not much i love more about this hobby than oddball stuff. My unending Robin Yount completist quest has introduced me to a bunch of stuff you just don't see anymore: candy dispensers, marbles, two-pocket portfolios...the list goes on and on. Concurrently, some of the cards in one of my shoeboxes (yes, shoeboxes, for these cards show signs of wear and love) that I hold most dear are ones I got as some sort of food product promotion. While this practice has never really stopped completely, it's become increasingly rare to find any premium giveaways anymore.

Until it gets boring, I'll be posting a new food premium every now and then. There are a couple rules as to what I'll be posting. First of all, it has to be a product that came with some sort of retail food purchase. Second, it had to have been a vintage purchase. I will be making no new acquisitions just to pad the blog. Everything you see will be something I (or someone in my family) purchased, ingested the edible contents, and then saved for years. This rules out some of the Yount Hostess cards from the '70s from being a part of this, since I bought them recently. This doesn't mean, however, that I don't want you to send me any old premiums you have lying around that you don't want anymore. I might even be open to trades, just check the sidebar.

Let's kick this mother off!

1987 Ralston Purina #2 Steve Garvey

This cards bears all the hallmarks of the great premium: cataclysmic airbrushing, suer close-up shot, piss-poor card stock. Seriously, this thing feels like the inside of a box of Cookie Crisp. A little research found that this company has basically switched over completely to pet food and sold its cereal brands over to General Mills. In any case, this happy card will be the first of many. Hunker down, grab a bowl of Rice Chex, and reminisce with me.


Uglee Card said...

Cards were better when you cut them from a box. Now, they put them in a plastic bag inside the Cheerios. Hey, it's still getting the Cheerio stink!
Give me a hand-cut Beckett pull-out, bottom of 1987 Topps box, or the Tony the Tiger card any day.
I think Steve Garvey's smile says he feels the same way.

Bay Rat North West said...

Garvey will always remind me of Johnny Carson -

Pete Rose was caught betting big on the Breeder's cup this week. We also found out Steve Garvey and Wade Boggs were trying to win it!

Hey Oh!