Saturday, January 26, 2008

No One Wants to Sit Next to Craig Wilson

Sometimes things get triggered in the brain that somehow spark a memory or the recognition of a coincidence that science cannot explain. A few trips through my doubles, probably 6 to 9 months apart, eventually led to this pairing. Here's St.Louis Cardinals infielder Craig Wilson's 1991 Topps card, #566.

Sure, the sport has a lot of down time, but was Wilson looking to find a way out of baseball? Did his manager care that he spent all of his time juggling balls? (Not touching that one.) Would it surprise you that his manager was Joe Torre? Was there ever a reprimand involved?

I can't answer any of these questions, other than to assume that the grab-ass went unchecked, as we bear witness to a repeat performance in 1992 Topps #646:

This Wilson guy is like that kid in your class who always seemed to get others in trouble by association. He's the kid who started making fart noises during storytime, false flatulence that goes unnoticed by the teacher but gets all of the surrounding gigglers recess detention. Would you have wanted to be sitting next to Craig after a nail-biting loss, Joe Torre spitting and frothing and raving on and on about missing the cut-off man? Eff no! There's bound to be some shrapnel after the manager chews off the juggler's head.

"Yo Bernard...Bernard Gilkey...check this out!"
"Seat's taken!"

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Andy said...

With a .308 career OBP and barely ever taking a walk, I'd have to say that juggling was the only time Wilson ever looked at 3 or more balls. ZING!