Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sweet Busywork!

Over the past week my third grade students have been studying the topic of data collection and representation (i.e. graphing). When I passed out their homework sheets, I was amazed to find the following pictograph used as the basis for a group of questions:

The day got a whole lot brighter then. First of all, this graph uses my real first name. Yeah, I know it might surprise some that my parents didn't really name me Thorzul. Second, this graph is so far from representing my own collection that it's downright laughable.

Hockey? I don't think I own a single card. A few basketball cards made their way into my collection back in 2001 when the Bucks went to the East finals, but aside form some 1987 Fleer, that's about it. (God, to think that I had the opportunity to buy tons of packs of those back in the day...!) I've also successfully weaned myself off football cards after being big into them in the '90s. From here on out it's 99% baseball. To me, it's the purest form of the hobby.


dayf said...

It's fine if you don't like Hockey cards, but why'd you have to rip that one in half?

Thorzul said...

Here's the justification of the ripped card:
A. Early this fall I bought 2 packs of Donruss Classics.
B. Later I bought the base set of 100 for essentially the same price as the packs.
C. That was one of the doubles.

Anonymous said...

Agree about it being the purest form of the hobby! Everything else seems like a halfheartedly produced spin-off.

--David said...

Be greatful your student even listed sports cards in your collection. If my son were in your class, he would have listed Pokemon, Yugioh, and probably his sister's favorite cards.... Bella Sara... Oh, the humanity of it all! Where did I go wrong!?