Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Trade Me Anything!! Trade #10

Today's trade comes from Robert in Florida. It's been a long time since any Trade Me Anything trades have come in, but while the Card-vent Calendar was in full force, this came in my mail.

Giving: 2007 U&H #33 Hong-Chih Kuo
Getting: 2007 UD Future Stars #54 Rickie Weeks, 1987 Topps Rick Mahler, 1992 Topps Gold #790 Joe Carter, 1988 Donruss Diamond Kings #24 Bob Welch, 2007 Topps U&H #238 Francisco Cordero

*A strong sense of variety.

*Rickie Weeks is the star of this lot, at least to me. I wonder if Rickie will drop the last syllable of his first name, opting for a more mature nomenclature, just like child star Ricky Schroder did. Heck, his dad on the TV show even called him "The Ricker." From now on, Rickie Weeks, you are "Ricker." Say it a few more times. Rick. Rick. Rick rick rick. Now all meaning is lost.

*Having to look pretty hard for the nature pic backgrounds.

*Rick Mahler. I probably have five copies of this card already. Pretty awesome stats on the back though, despite leading the league in runs, earned runs, and losses, the Braves still gave him the start a league-tying 39 times. He and his wife are also the parents of two sons. Riveting.

*Robert did not send a self-addressed stamped envelope, he sent a self-addressed envelope. Crap! He's still getting his card of Hong Kong Phooey, though, because I'm a nice guy.

Keep checking the updated cards for sale or trade. It's a difficult task, but I'll sowly work my way through it.


Andy said...

Rick Mahler is no longer a father, unfortunately, as he is deceased (quite prematurely.)

Rocco said...

my mistake. i forgot the stamp. I was just too excited i guess.