Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Gift From Across the Pond

I feel a little bit like a spice trader just returned from the Orient.

Well...maybe not quite.
Today an excellent package arrived in my mailbox, bountiful with cards from the UK.
John, a dedicated blog reader and possibly the nicest person in all of Britain, wrote me not too long ago, stating that he had some of the cards I needed but had no need for anything in trade. In America we call this a "gift." But...Boxing Day was over a month ago.
Anyways, here's the haul.

Let's go into greater detail on this stuff.
First of all, here's the postmark. It looks like this cost John nearly 4 bucks (according to our weak pounds-to-dollars exchange rate) just to send this. John needs to take a bow.

Here's the first card need I had: 2007 Topps Distinguished Service Douglas MacArthur. I'm so close to finishing this set I can almost taste it. That will pretty much close the door on my 2007 Topps needs. All in good time.

A couple of 1993 Donruss cards. Again, I am so very, very close to closing the book on this one.

As a surprise, John threw in a bunch of 1990s Pro Set Football cards (that's "soccer" to the rest of you). This bunch are exclusively Everton (my favorite club, which resides in Liverpool) and Liverpool, their sworn enemy. Awesome.

To top it all off, here's a couple of packs that will surely make their way to A Pack a Day. I look forward to several majestic pulls.

By the way, keep trading with me. Much of the last few days has been spent updating my trade lists. Help a brother out!

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Chris Harris said...

Wow. We knew Pro Set made "football" cards, but I didn't know they also made football cards.