Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Great Day for a Milwaukee Comic Book Show

Today's pre-Super Bowl activities involved two major events:
A) Attending the inspection of the home I'm going to be buying.
B) Attending a comic book show.
A place called Burnham Bowl in the awful Milwaukee suburb of West Allis (aka "Worst Allis" aka "White Trashagonia") hosts a comic show every other month. It had been over a year since I had gone to one of these, and I had pretty much gotten to the bottom of my pile of unread comics, so I made plans to attend.
It was pretty much what I remembered from last time. The place smelled like smoke, there was a working bar in the corner, and dozens of guys rummaged through boxes looking fora deal.

The picture above pretty much sums up the whole experience. I could have taken more, but all I could have added to this bit of journalism would have been pictures of Chewie toys, bootleg DVDs of unreleased TV series (more on this later), and boxes full of ancient Playboys. No thanks.

My haul:

All in all, it was a good trip. I got a huge stack of books for $13 plus two bucks admission. Nothing in this pile was more than a quarter.

Let's go into more detail here.
At the last table I bought from came this short stack of Silver Surfer books. I need only a couple to complete the entire series. I need to applaud the dealer at this table. All of his comics were organized alphabetically by title and then by issue number. That made it so easy to find what I was looking for at the end of a long hour or so of searching. The comic on top depicts what looks to be He-Man mediating a dispute between the Silver Surfer and a Skrull. I know it's not He-Man, but I'd like to pretend it was. (Actually, if I remember correctly, there was one episode of "Masters of the Universe" that had He-Man serving a short stint as judge in Eternia's juvenile detention center. Or maybe that was something else.)

Up next is a large stack of Batman comics. I wanted to show everyone the one on top because it highlights the callousness that permeates Batman's being. Right there on the cover he's punching out a man whose house is in flames. "That'll teach you Gotham scum not to have homeowners insurance!!" POW!
Perhaps I should actually read the issue before explaining what's going on inside.

Here is another pile of Batman comics. All of these are technically "Detective Comics" which, since issue #27, have starred Batman. This is the second-longest running series of monthly comics only after Superman's "Action Comics." Going for that long makes it hard to come up with new storylines. This issue, for example, is all about Batman getting a bloody nose. Dry, winter air in Gotham city caused it. I just hope I'm not met with 22 pages of moisturizing solutions. Get that man a humidifier, pronto!

Lastly we have an assortment of various titles. There's some Green Lantern in there, some Catwoman, even a little bit of third-rate Justice League, coming from a time when DC decided not to let its most popular characters have League membership. Metamorpho, anyone? Crimson Fox? Blue Beetle? Only hardcore DC fans know these names.

In conclusion, it was a good trip. I spent way less than I allotted myself, got closer to completing some runs, and left with only one regret. The only thing I kind of wanted that I left without getting was a bootleg DVD of the 1980s syndicated series, "Monsters." I guess I am holding out hope that it will someday be officially released. This thought will help me sleep better tonight. Will I go back again? Sure. Will this happen this April? Probably not.


dayf said...

Monsters! That show rocks! I love the one with Richard Moll and Eddie Deezen as demons hassling the insurance salesman.

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You can always check the status of Monsters at

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