Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day Card Haul 2008

Valentine's Day...what a great holiday. On what other day do we strangely force ideas of love upon 8-year-olds, pump their veins full of sugar, and allow them to trade semi-collectable cards with each other? As an elementary school teacher, I get to join in on the fun, too. After the Thursday afternoon frenzy, this mountain of treats could be seen atop my desk.

Let's take a closer look at some of the highlights.

First we have some of the most treasured classroom currency, cards with candy. On the left we have Care Bears, an icon from my childhood that seems to be making a comeback. On the right, Spider-Man, time-honored superhero, perhaps losing a little steam since the third movie, but still a perennial favorite.

Next up is the "for-girls, from-girls collection." Tinkerbell is alright, but Bratz?! If I'm ever blessed with a daughter, she will not be allowed to play with those prostitute dolls.

Here's a couple of Disney-themed cards. Looks like some sort of buck-toothed tow truck from the movie Cars, as well as Nemo. Good showing.

Penguin-mania, for some reason, has been in full force in this country for the last several years, with no signs of slowing. Here's the outside of a Surf's Up valentine. Apparently I was one of two people who sent this to myself. Yeah, it's not a gifted school I teach at.

Christ Almighty on a Bike...they make "American Chopper" valentines?! I've never watched the show, but I get the impression that this guy here is pretty surly. Since when has belligerence been a part of February 14?

Excellent, here we go with the classics. This one was an extremely large-format valentine, complete with a temporary tattoo. Somehow I haven't yet seen this film. Even more amazingly, somehow some actor has managed to play Superman and probably like 0.05% of the population knows his name. Who is this guy, and why is he so bland?

Yes, finally, a sports valentine card! I was waiting for one of these all day, and finally one came on Friday.

One of my students from last year brought this to my room, thwarting my bid to get skunked on sports cards. Thank you, Dirk Nowitzki. Now, if I could only find a Robert "Tractor" Traylor valentine card to trade you for to repeat history.

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On Base Autos said...

Ah the joys of teaching elementary school. As a high school teacher, we see none of these. Maybe a few Christmas cards but no Valentines. My wife teaches elementary and she comes home with bags and bags of stuff. We are still eating on some of the gift cards.