Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Americana: "...and you, sir, are no Aragorn."

#46 Aidan Quinn Pants Swatch Proof (055/100)

Despite an unsuccessful audition for the part of the 2007-08 Notre Dame basketball leprechaun, Donruss decided to obtain a piece of movie-used pants from Aidan Quinn. The material on this card was worn in the film A Private Matter. Yeah, never heard of it either.

Basically, this guy had all of his roles given to Viggo Mortensen since starring in Legends of the Fall in 1994. Seriously, had Viggo not come along, Quinn just might have been cast in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I'm making all of this up, of course, but is sounds like it's true.

Yes, I might be $2.00 poorer because of this purchase, but my only regret is that the swatch isn't from his suit in the picture.

More Americana to come...

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