Thursday, March 20, 2008

Americana: "We argue about it still."

#CS-9 Giovanni Ribisi Cinema Stars Personally-Worn Shirt Relic (315/380)

When I pulled his base card in an earlier pack, I alluded to his mush-mouthed speech tendencies without giving too much credit to his acting skills. Since most of fast-food, Wal-Mart America probably knows Ribisi as "that guy who played Phoebe's brother who liked to melt things" on the show "Friends," I thought I'd pay a better tribute by listing my five favorite performances of his.

5. Saving Private Ryan: His death scene was the hardest-hitting of the film.
4. SubUrbia: I saw this a long time ago. From what I remember he played some sort of disillusioned youth. We unnecessarily get an eyeful of his schlong.
3. The Gift: Emotionally damaged.
2. "The Wonder Years": One of Kevin Arnold's friends. Not the twitchy guy.
1. The Virgin Suicides: His role as the narrator provided the understated sincerity the story deserved without choking you with sentimentality.

He owned a green T-shirt at some point in time, of which I now own a star-shaped swatch. Cool.


William said...

Don't forget his role in "The Other Sister" -- yes, I watched that movie and I like it.

Cody said...

And as the failed car jacker in "Gone in 60 Seconds" where Nicholas Cage has to bail him out.

shanediaz82 said...

I have to say, I thought he did a pretty decent job in Boiler Room.

Offy said...

What about his recurring role on "My Name Is Earl?" I think that one would top my list.

The funniest thing about Ribisi on Friends is that his wife on the show later went on to play the role of the mom on "That 70's Show." Kitty's been robbing the cradle.