Thursday, March 27, 2008

"I'll take LAZY WEBMASTERS for $600, Alex."

Sorry it's been so long since an update, but I guess I forgot that when you move, that's all you do for like three days straight. It's even a little more time-consuming when the move is from an apartment to a house. That's right, Thorzul is not only a master of reading decoding skills, he's also a homeowner.
OK, I guess moving wasn't the only thing I've been doing. I'm sure I got to watch a few episodes of "Jeopardy!" this week, but that's after doing some of my favorite things like picking out curtains and installing blinds. And returning blinds when they come with only one of the two necessary mounting brackets. And setting aside 6.5 hours of my day while AT&T U-Verse is installed. But yes, there's "Jeopardy!"
Speaking of which, here's a card that came in the mail recently.

2007 Topps Allen & Ginter #AGR-KJ Ken Jennings Event-Worn Shirt

This is the card I've been fiending for since this set was released. But try finding it for sale for less than $50! Actually, I did. Did I get it for $40?






Try $14.99 (plus shipping). Buy It Now? You bet!
I'm still trying to put together as much of the '07 A&G relics as possible. These things go for really cheap now. While the Keith Olbermann might be out of my price range, most of the base-ball men, the guys who swing the bats and tear the rotator cuffs, are attainable. It's not the destination, it's the journey. If you want to help me out on any of these, let me know what you have to offer.

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