Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm Changing My Name to "Tony Gwynn, Jr., Jr."

If he keeps it up, I just might have to take a trip down to the courthouse and make it official.
Man, was that 10% of a great ballgame, or what! I know it's just the beginning of a long season, but it still feels great to beat Zambrano and the lowlife Cubs.

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I must mention that I was caught in an existential dilemma this afternoon. The Brewers/Cubs game was available on two channels. I had the choice of the home broadcast on FSN, but opted to intercept enemy signals from WGN. Why? WGN was pumping out the baseball ambrosia in beautiful HD, while my Fox Sports Northern Hemisphere Geographically West of Lake Michigan and East of the Mississippi River was only feeding me SD. Fukudome!

By the way, did anybody watching the WGN feed catch the several shots of the douchebag in the front row on the first base side? Typical Chicago jackass, trying to look like he just breezed in from work, wearing an overcoat and sweater vest while everyone around him was adorned with a stupid capital C. At least his "bad ju-ju" wiggling fingers failed to work their magic. If you caught the game, you know who I mean. Definitely not as cool as the Caveman sitting in the fifth row of the Nats/Braves game last night. That was pretty funny, made funnier still by the fact that the show isn't even on any more.

What's the over/under on Zambrano being booked for assault sometime this season? I'm not sure the betting terminology applies here, but it's fun to say.


White Sox Cards said...

Never caught that game. I was too busy watching an umpiring monstrosity unfold. Definitely sounds like the typical behavior of a Chicago Cubs jackass fan. I was happy to see that the Brew Crew emerged victorious!

Rianne said...

Good post.