Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Old School Meets New School: Brewers Edition

After a few weeks of moribundity, the trading on this blog has started to come back to life. I've just completed a trade with reader Shane. Actually it was a purchase (to quote Randy Moss, "Straight cash, homey") with a few extra cards thrown in.

The terms of the deal:
Sending: A bunch of 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces and 2007 Goudey
Receiving: A cash settlement and the two cards below:

Wow, that's a game-used Ben Sheets 2007 Goudey card (#15 to be exact) and a 2005 Robin Yount Upper Deck All-Star Classics Legendary All-Stars #96!
The Yount had already been a part of my collection, but that's OK. If it's not really weird, game-used, or signed, chances are I've got it. The Sheets, however, is just...wow. The intensity he brings to this card is really striking. The area around the G is a little bent up, and part of the die-cut border is flaking, but I ain't complaining. This is a really nice card, and somehow I feel I deserve it after pulling absolutely zero Brewers from a Goudey blaster last year.

If you want to trade with me, I'm always opened. If you just want to send me stuff for free, I'm open to that as well. Just let me know before sending anything my way, as I'll be changing addresses over the course of next week. That's right, I'm a homeowner. Now all I need to do is sit on the floor of my new house and eat Taco Bell like Michael Scott.

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