Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Veritable Slice of Americana

In hindsight, buying a hobby box of Donruss Americana was a mistake. Sure, it satisfied my urge to rip some pretty offbeat packs, but I've figured out that for this product, the secondary market is really the way to go. While it's not a set-builder's set, completing the 100-card base set is an attainable goal. I've found it a lot of fun in the past couple of weeks (while waiting for my Heritage boxes to arrive, STILL) to see what I can get for cheap from this set. Here is my first purchase:

That guy is Michael Berryman, the actor probably best known for his role in The Hills Have Eyes (the original, not the re-make). My favorite part of this card is that the seller placed it in what has become the so-completely-gauche "Rookie Card" top loader. I think I still might have a Pat Listach card in one of those, though I hope the latest Brewer ROY turns out to have a better career than him. I suppose it is Berryman's rookie card of sorts, but it still cracked me up.

If you want to see an interesting horror flick, check it out. While I can't profess to be a Berryman expert by any means, I must say that his role in The Devils Rejects (the sequel to House of 1,000 Corpses) was disappointing and demeaning. He is far more talented than resorting to playing a moronic, perverted, backwoods hick.
By the way, the AUTO is numbered to 314. Kind of an odd number, though familiar to me. 314 was the official number of the documents used as hall passes in high school. From cannibal savages to public education, you never know what you'll read on this here card blog.


dayf said...



INSANELY great card.

But not his rookie card.

See card #1, I hope the link doesn't get fouled up.

--David said...

That is just scary...

tmars said...

is that the guy from goonies?