Thursday, April 17, 2008

Americana: A Notorious Card

Since last night's festivities began with shots of tequila and ended with a raucous viewing of the latest DVR'd episode of The Office, I'll just let you bask in the glory of this card. I don't think I can make an addition to my collection of this set that will rival this one without taking out a loan.

I love the scene in School of Rock where Jack Black explains to the kids what a hangover is. ("No, it means I was drunk yesterday.") Let's hope it doesn't come to this today.

Next Americana post: Legend or cheeseball? You decide. Choose your own adventure.


dayf said...

I don't care what's next, just keep 'em coming. I'm able to live vicariously thorough your posts and not go out and buy a bunch of this. I will admit that there has been a Gilbert Gottfried autograph in my eBay watch list though.

Anonymous said...

I got one pack not too long ago (got Travolta Jacket! w00t!). It can probably only go downhill from there though, so I agree with dayf that this keeps me from having to get more. I'll be trying to pick up a few single cheapies though.

MMayes said...

Here's looking at you, kid.