Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dr. Steve's Doctored Cards #2

Was he related to Pete Rose? When I was 11 and I got his Fleer rookie card, I thought he was, but that doesn't necessarily make it so, now does it? Lucky for us, he gets to be the next installment of Dr. Steve's Doctored Cards.

1990 Upper Deck #77 Bobby Rose

Let's take a look at the fine brush strokes on this piece of art.
First of all, the eye is made to wonder if Rose is primed to find the gap in right-center, or if a quick tango is in his future. Are those petals, or did Rose go through the trouble of painting part of a lobster claw green? Aghhh, I've got nothin' today.

Actually, I'm glad I decided I learned to learn more about the man Bobby Rose. It sounds as if he was a veritable god in Japan. Hey how 'bout that.

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