Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dr. Steve's Doctored Cards #3

At the dawn of the next century, sports historians will look back to our era and ask themselves, "When began the trend that required an athlete not only to defeat his opponent, but humiliate him as well?" Perhaps around the year, say, 2060, the NBA will begin awarding taunting points following particularly spectacular dunks and "in-your-face" blocked shots. While I have no interest in such idiotic lack of gamesmanship, I believe I can answer the question of these yet-to-be-born sports philosophers. One of the first printed instances of athletic degradation came in 1991 from the pen of Dr. Steve.

1991 Fleer #565 Bill Pecota

That's right, Blll Pecota, you've been immortalized forever on a slab of cardboard, and you foul it up by taking a big swing and a miss. Big Whiffa! Dr. Steve may have been 12-years-old, but he gave you no quarter on shaming you. The "Strike" speech bubble is completely unnecessary, but hauntingly poignant. First of all, you're at home. Did a glint of light from the fountain hit your eyes? Second, you're playing the Twins, who were currently in the "Worst" phase of their memorable "From Worst to First" championship run. Tom Kelly is looking on from the dugout, glad you're not a part of his squad. (Although, that might be Kent Hrbek, judging from the shoulder girth and forward slumpage.)

Bill Pecota, you will be remembered for eternity for swinging at a pitch out of the strike zone (inside, from the looks of things) and failing miserably to make contact. And we shall rub it in...yes...we shall rub it in.

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