Monday, April 7, 2008

Dr. Steve's Doctored Cards #4

In today's installment, Dr. Steve continues the trend of mockery at the plate.

1991 Topps #63 Milt Thompson

That's right, Milt Thompson, you are being penalized twice for crowding the plate. First off all, you took a knee as a brushback zipped past your ear. In case you didn't get the message, the inside of that plate belongs to the middle reliever. In addition, a child claims your bat might as well be a limbo stick. Maybe you could have successfully passed under more than 21.8% of those back in 1990, seeing as you set the bar so whatever with an identical batting average that same year. Awww, I shouldn't make fun. You were actually hitting for good average in your three previous full seasons. There were plenty more out there worse than you. Milt Thompson, we miss thee.

As an aside, I'm wondering as to the existence of a hypothetical insert set. Now, I missed the majority of the collecting universe from about 1995 to 2007. Was there ever a highly collectable insert set called "Beaned!" consisting of guys who just got hit by a pitch, or got caught in a grimace mid-beaning? I'm looking in Fleer's direction on this one, perhaps lots of blue foil. If not, there should have been, right there in the wheelhouse of mid-1990s gaudiness.

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